Personal Attitude

Each Client is for us like a family. We communicate and discuss his needs and approach to betting, then we are ready to help him to improve as much as possible in betting and adjust to his requirements. We will also help you with your money and risk management.

Affordable Picks

Our Picks isn’t as expensive as you might think. We put a lot of work towards analysing our picks for ourselves and we decided to help people out there and ride with us. You can choose from three variants of packages.

About us

Team of three sportbettors and analytics, who decided to help people out there struggling with sportsbetting.
We have over 14 years of experience combined. Also using private database and very rare system, which allows us to see where the biggest bettors (whales) wager their money. We use it often as confirmation (going against public) with our detailed analysis to choose the best picks for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s why we are called a “Whales Bet“. Except for a very detailed analysis of every match, we also use the system, which shows us where the biggest whales in the US and on off-shore Bookies put their money on.

Its easy, we have 5 members in our team and each of us studies thousand of different variants of each match there is

Picks will be available to each client via their account on our website

Over more than 3 years, every one of us has more than 56% winning percentage

Depends on many factors, but we are not fans of sending tons of picks for one night. But it is mostly up to 6 maximum

Affordable Picks

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Daily : $10

1 Calendar Day | 24 Hours | All Sports Pick

Weekly : $39

7 Calendar Days | All Sports Pick

Monthly : $99

31 Calendar Days | All Sports Pick